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With a focus on user experience, Boost Capital Partners is a seed venture capital fund company supporting founders that strive to develop intuitive solutions to real life problems.


Our team has a wealth of experience in the gaming industry and we strongly believe that game mechanics, such as personalized experiences or social interactions, can be effectively utilized in other technology verticals.

The fund company invests in pre-seed and seed companies, with initial ticket sizes up to $700K. In addition to funding, we bring our experience in user acquisition, engagement and  monetization mechanics, to other sectors of the digital economy.  

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  • Deep partnerships with entrepreneurs
  • Improved user experiences that lead to optimized outcomes
  • Technological progress for good and projects that solve meaningful problems
  • A community of entrepreneurs learning from each other’s experiences
  • Enjoying what we do


  • Passionate founders who are excited to solve a meaningful problem for society
  • Fast learners with a deep understanding of the sector they are targeting
  • Very large markets or markets with the potential to grow significantly in the near future
  • Original thinkers with unique and different approaches



According to the World Bank 1.4B (link) adults globally do not have access to basic financial services. While mobile technology is already helping to bridge this gap, we believe there is still a big opportunity to continue improving access to banking solutions and overall accelerating financial inclusion and reducing poverty


Lifelong learning is becoming more critical not only to increase employability but also social inclusion. We believe that technology through well designed products can dramatically help to increase access to this education, expand the learning experience throughout the years and be personalized to each individual needs and goals


The Covid-19 pandemic effects, the current economic downturn and the general changes in our lifestyle, are having a tremendous impact in our society, health systems and our general health. We believe that the use of technology can help in many ways, from increasing access to counseling, improving diagnosis reports or preventing diseases thanks to better health tracking, and in conclusion can make a meaningful difference to an individual’s quality of life

Carbon emission reduction

With climate change as one of the most important, if not the biggest, threats to our existence, we are excited to support new companies tackling this problem from a different angle, whether it is helping companies to better manage their carbon emissions or changing consumer behaviors


From gaming to creators’ economy, entertainment is at the very heart of who we are and while it might not be tackling some of the biggest problems of our society we believe that high quality entertainment can actually make a big difference in people’s lives, enables creators to make a living and continue stretching the boundaries of our imagination

Supporting founders building intuitive solutions to real life problems


We represent two legal entities (together referenced in this website as we, us, our, and Boost Capital Partners):

Boost Capital Partners Limited (FRN: 990212) is an appointed representative of Sturgeon Ventures LLP (FRN: 452811), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and regulated by the SEC, CRD #167026 and SEC#801-77882, in the US. Sturgeon Ventures LLP is appointed as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of Boost Capital Partners Fund I.

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