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Note that the investments shown are held by Boost Capital Partner LP (Reg. number 3900), and are examples of the type of investments that we undertake.

Volta Founders


Volta started as a final major project in Alex Kane’s masters program at the Royal College of Art / Imperial College London as a VR interface for spatial audio production.

In Alex’s own words:

I’ve been playing and producing music since I was a kid – drums, guitar, piano, DJ and producing. Naturally, I grew fascinated with using mixed reality, physics engines and gestural interfaces to control and shape music while building the prototype during my masters program.

I couldn’t stop working on Volta even after graduating. I began building the foundations of our company and in that process formed the belief that mixed reality will become a respected art form on par with fine art, cinema, music, gaming, theatre, etc.

We believe that cost and complexity hold mixed reality back from realizing this potential. The more people that have access to the tools the more experimentation happens, the sooner meaningful works of art get produced and the value of the medium as a whole grows. So we are democratizing the tools to create interactive / experiential performances, expanding the functionality of existing platforms and creating new revenue streams for artists. Our long term ambitions are to build our own augmented reality platform as well as the biggest library of user generated mixed reality content in the world to accompany it. Experience is the canvas of this medium and Volta aims to be the de facto paintbrush.

Our ambition is to be the pathway to and foundation of a new artform. Boost’s experience in digital consuming and their belief in its ability to drive the future of media in general, made for an ideal lead investor. We have only recently started taking advantage of Boost’s experience / expertise and are really seeing material benefit of it. The Boost team is very honest in their guidance and support, which means that you have to appreciate and accept hard truths about your company and running of it. I truly value those conversations.

Howboutt Founders

Neil, Duncan & Jake are the co-founders of Howbout. They met at university and kept in touch as they dived into careers in corporate law, spacecraft engineering and investment banking respectively, until 2019 when each left their jobs to launch Howbout.

In Neil’s own words:

Social media today isn’t about friends anymore; it’s about flexing, filters and followers. We started Howbout to bring the attention back to connecting, not content.

Howbout is the easiest way to get friends together. It’s a social calendar app built around your friendships that helps you easily make plans, find times you’re free and keep on top of everything you’ve got on.

We were introduced to Boost through a mutual contact in the angel investing scene. From the very first meeting, Boost made an effort to understand everything about us, our metrics and our vision and were fantastic at communicating their process.

Boost have been fantastic at being a sounding board on our vision, current priorities and strategic thinking – from specific experiences they can share, to providing their thoughts on big picture decisions and making intros to other operators. They always make themselves available.

We love Boost’s perfect balance between hands-on and hands-off. They’re always readily available for us to speak to and get advice from (which we take advantage of often), without feeling like we’re being micromanaged. They allow us the time to execute to build! They’ve also been fantastic at building a genuine relationship with us, and are great at championing us.

Pulppo Founders

After selling his previous company, Kadabra, the first on-demand delivery platform in Argentina to Glovo, Matías Gath went off to start Pulppo with Agustín Iglesias, also a repeat entrepreneur with several exits.  Having worked in multiple startups, Matías has the unique ability to pinpoint bottlenecks and key issues in a company’s growth, developing quick MVPs to test solutions and scaling them through tech teams. 

In Matias’ own words

“Coming from a family of architects and real estate developers, I suffered selling properties with brokers that didn’t use technology at all. I tried to solve it by creating my internal sales force but there weren’t any tech tools that helped my team do their job better…so I decided to start one.

I was lucky to meet Alvaro over 5 years ago when I started Kadabra. A mutual friend introduced us and, while he wasn’t investing in LATAM at the time, he spared whatever time he had to advise me on growth, fundraising and unit economics. Alvaro got to see how I grew as an entrepreneur and when I was starting Pulppo, Boost was one of the first funds to back us up and has consistently been there to support us in anything we need.

Both Alvaro and Pablo started giving us advice and feedback since the inception of Pulppo. They gave us strong feedback on the business, growth and even concerns that they had (hence allowing us to address them). After investing they took the time to meet with us, help us think through problems and even interviewed executive candidates (giving us very detailed feedback on them).

VCs add value in different ways. While we have a long cap table, Boost has become the number one on our speed dial when thinking about problem solving. They have proven to be an amazing asset. Also they are the kind of VC that doesn’t beat around the bush. Anything we send over gets a quick answer.”

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