Why we invested in Cuvama: growing the customer value management space

Boost Capital Partners is thrilled to announce our latest investment in Cuvama, a cutting-edge value selling platform built for salespeople. Our decision to invest in Cuvama was driven by a thorough analysis of the company’s unique value proposition, the strength of its founding team, and its promising market potential. Here are the top three reasons why we chose to invest in Cuvama:

  1. Innovative Solution to a Critical Need

Cuvama addresses a significant gap in the enterprise B2B sales process by enabling sales teams to demonstrate the value of their B2B SaaS solutions to customers in a compelling and measurable way. With the shift of enterprise B2B companies to subscription & consumption-based pricing models, the need for communicating customer value is a 24×7 burden for the vendor. In this macro environment, value selling is growing in importance with the increased scrutiny of new spending. However, traditional methods often involve expensive and time-consuming processes, either through building internal teams or hiring external consultants. Cuvama’s platform has simplified the workflows, allowing the salesperson to follow value selling themselves without needing hand-holding from high-cost resources. The platform’s ability to double conversion rates and increase deal sizes by 42% speaks volumes about its impact on sales effectiveness.

  1. Strong and Experienced Founding Team

The founding team of Cuvama, comprising Alex Smith and MG Gurbaxani, brings over 40 years of combined experience in the B2B SaaS market and customer value management. Their background at Pros, a leading pricing SaaS platform, where they built the value engineering team from the ground up, gives them deep insights into the challenges and opportunities in this space. While Alex and MG have arrived at the problem space via a similar path, their complementary skills—MG’s company building and Alex’s platform vision —make them well-suited to drive Cuvama’s growth and innovation. The team’s ability to secure high-profile advisors and investors, such as MXV Capital, further validates their potential and strategic direction.

  1. Significant Market Potential and Growth Trajectory

The market for customer value management is expanding rapidly, driven by the increasing importance of demonstrating tangible value at all touchpoints in a B2B customer journey. Cuvama’s initial focus on pre-sales and sales value selling has already proven successful, with more than a dozen paying customers. The platform’s high adoption rates (over 50% across sales reps) and significant positive impacts on clients’ sales performance underscore its effectiveness. As Cuvama expands its offerings to cover post-sales activities and potentially other verticals beyond B2B SaaS, the addressable market could grow to $2.5 billion, with future opportunities extending into healthcare, manufacturing, and beyond.


Our investment in Cuvama reflects our confidence in their innovative approach to customer value management, the exceptional capabilities of their founding team, and the vast market opportunities ahead. While value tools have been in the market for almost a decade, the first generation was built for quantitative engineers and was complex. Cuvama adopted a different approach – they built a value product first for the average salesperson, and now expanding their platform into Customer Success.  The emphasis on making a B2B tool have a B2C-like like user-experience fits perfectly with the Boost thesis.

In conclusion, we strongly believe that Cuvama is well-positioned to become a leader in the CVM space, driving significant value for their customers and achieving substantial growth in the coming years. We are excited to support Alex and MG on their journey and look forward to the transformative impact they will have on the B2B sales landscape.

About Cuvama

Cuvama is the Value Selling Platform built for Salespeople, guiding them to discover pain, sell outcomes and deliver value to customers. The best B2B Sales teams understand that delivering great sales performance means selling value – not products. They rely on Cuvama as the platform to drive better adoption of their discovery and value selling methodologies, resulting in winning 2x more, 43% larger and 30% faster. For more information, please visit www.cuvama.com.

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