Why we invested in Dubme.io: exporting content to the world

We are excited to announce our investment in Dubme, an innovative AI-driven dubbing platform tailored for digital creators and media companies. Our decision to support Dubme is based on its revolutionary approach to content localization, the exceptional expertise of its founding team, and the vast market potential. Here are the top three reasons why we believe Dubme is poised for success:

1. Transformative Approach to Content Localization

Dubme stands out by addressing a critical gap in the content localization market. Traditional dubbing services are prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for creators to internationalize their content. While AI has introduced more affordable options, many solutions fall short in quality. Dubme bridges this gap with a hybrid approach that leverages AI to deliver high-quality dubbing at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This not only democratizes access to dubbing for smaller creators but also ensures professional-grade outputs suitable for large media companies. By reducing the cost per minute of content significantly, Dubme makes content localization accessible and scalable.

2. Exceptional Founding Team with Proven Track Record

The founding team of Dubme brings together a wealth of experience from leading tech and media companies. Alex San Agustin, Elias Moreno, and Pablo Fernandez previously worked together at Google and have extensive backgrounds in media distribution, digital platforms, and AI technology. Their prior success with Sunnyside Studio, which generated over 500 million views and was acquired by LunarX, demonstrates their ability to execute and scale ventures effectively. This team’s deep industry knowledge and cohesive working relationship position Dubme for rapid growth and innovation. 

3. Significant Market Potential and Growth Opportunities

The market for dubbing and content localization is expanding rapidly. The dubbing market offers substantial opportunities, valued at $3 billion in 2023 and projected to grow to $5 billion by 2027. However, the potential extends far beyond traditional dubbing and the company aims to target other areas such as real time dubbing or visual content improvement. The global digital video content market, valued at $204 billion in 2022, represents a vast and growing opportunity for Dubme. The platform’s ability to serve both professional media clients and a wide range of digital content creators opens up diverse revenue streams. Dubme’s initial traction with prominent clients like RTVE and YouTube underscores its market fit and growth potential.


Our investment in Dubme reflects our confidence in their innovative technology, the strength of their founding team, and the expansive market opportunities they are poised to capture. Dubme’s approach to AI-driven dubbing is set to revolutionize content localization, making high-quality dubbing accessible to all creators. We are excited to support Dubme in their journey to become a leader in the media services industry, driving significant value for clients and achieving remarkable growth in the coming years.

Learn more about Dubme here https://Dubme.io/

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